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Tax and legal advice

<p>From small businesses to multinationals, tax is a must to keep in mind when making business decisions. We offer quickly tailored solutions to suit your business’s specific requirements, be it a basic understanding of the tax requirements or a more complex transfer pricing issue.&nbsp;</p> <ul style="list-style-type: square;"> <li>Corporate &amp; individual tax planning&nbsp;</li> <li>Personal Income Tax&nbsp;</li> <li>Deferred tax computation and application&nbsp;</li> <li>Indirect tax&nbsp;</li> <li>Capital gain tax&nbsp;</li> <li>Designing VAT Management System and Compliance Audit&nbsp;</li> <li>Tax compliance and preparation of various tax returns&nbsp;</li> <li>Assistance in handling queries &amp; requests for information from tax authorities&nbsp;</li> <li>Tax assessments and appeals&nbsp;</li> <li>Duty drawback assistance&nbsp;</li> <li>Preparation of income tax returns&nbsp;</li> <li>Import Duty and Customs cases&nbsp;</li> <li>Inheritance tax planning&nbsp;</li> <li>Tax effective remuneration planning </li> </ul>