Our service


<p>We help clients with financial management, financial forecasting and auditing. Collaborating with business leaders, they also prepare and file financial reports and tax documents, conduct tax research and suggest ways to improve financial reporting processes. &nbsp;</p> <p>As part of our consultancy services we provided following services:&nbsp;</p> <ul style="list-style-type: square;"> <li>Management Accounting Services&nbsp;</li> <li>Management Consultancy&nbsp;</li> <li>Business planning and project feasibility studies&nbsp;</li> <li>Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Accounting Manual&nbsp;</li> <li>Fixed assets management&nbsp;</li> <li>Accounts receivables management&nbsp;</li> <li>Payroll management&nbsp;</li> <li>Project appraisal&nbsp;</li> <li>Inventory Management&nbsp;</li> <li>Performance measurement&nbsp;</li> <li>Business Valuation&nbsp;</li> <li>Process Improvement Services&nbsp;</li> <li>Cost Management Services </li> </ul>