Our service


<p>We offer business outsourcing solution that delivers a high level of confidence and professional results by focusing your business.&nbsp;</p> <p>Our main outsourcing services included:&nbsp;</p> <ul style="list-style-type: square;"> <li>Accounts payable processing&nbsp;</li> <li>Payroll and payroll tax processing&nbsp;</li> <li>General ledger and financial statement processing&nbsp;</li> <li>Accounting services&nbsp;</li> <li>Human resource support&nbsp;</li> <li>Preparation of management accounts and management information systems&nbsp;</li> <li>Preparation &amp; Maintenance of books of accounts&nbsp;</li> <li>Support in day to day Transaction Processing&nbsp;</li> <li>Book keeping and preparation of final accounts&nbsp;</li> <li>Fixed Assets verification and completion of records </li> </ul>